The Mercedes-Benz Style Arrow 460-Granturismo Strikes Like Cupid’s Arrow


With one of the sleekest bodies in the boat world, the luxurious motor yacht “Arrow460–Granturismo” from Mercedes-Benz Style embarks on her maiden voyage off the coast of Nice.

The first example of this new yacht model is aptly named “Mercedes”, and true to the heritage of the name it is the founder of a completely new boat concept. The 14-metre long, 706 kW (960 hp) “Silver Arrow of the Seas” combines both the performance of Mercedes-Benz sports cars with unique innovations from the boat industry. The Arrow460-Granturismo has classic automobile proportions that bring the hallmark Mercedes design idiom of sensual purity onto the water in a highly emotional and dynamic form. The yacht also combines the advantages associated with an open boat with those of a hull cabin cruiser in a unique fashion. Its crossover design offers the ultimate in versatility, the result is a boat that is equally suitable for day trips and onboard overnight stays.


“In developing the new motor yacht, we have transferred our expertise to the marine industry, creating something never seen before in the process. The ‘Silver Arrow of the Seas’ stands for modern luxury, avant-garde style and comfortable elegance. The yacht embodies the Mercedes-Benz’s progressive, dynamic design philosophy of sensual purity on the water. Or, to put it another way, it is hot and cool in one, and stands for emotion and intelligence,” said Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG. “Together with Silver Arrows Marine we have managed to develop a totally new boat concept. By virtue of maximum variability, the yacht combines the advantages of an open boat with the generous interior and privacy of a cabin cruiser. It weds charismatic design with perfect functionality, much in the same way as is familiar from our road vehicles. As such, the ‘Arrow460–Granturismo’ is sure to cause a stir on the seas and at marinas throughout the world in the coming years.” Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs said: “Almost everything about Arrow460-Granturismo is unique, from its concept to the smallest bespoke detail. This is a motor yacht with a personality that truly embraces life. It combines top-class marine engineering with the inspired innovations and elegance that the world associates with the Mercedes-Benz name. By merging marine and automotive worlds, with their respective design language, technologies and ideas, we have created a new standard of motor yacht, unlike all others.”

Source: Luxurious Magazine

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